by Lily Moran|staff writer

Elective teachers who are used to more hands on courses are having to get creative to adjust to virtual classes.

“With art last year we had already gotten started on google classroom, it worked out beautifully for us because no one knew the pandemic was coming but all of our students had already been turning their work and everything through google classroom,” fine arts dean and photography teacher Analisa Shinn said.

However for the classes that are required to build or create assignments there are other options than Google Classroom.

“A series of drop off and pick up days, once students have constructed their projects and have allowed them to dry then they will be notified when to pick it up. Everyone else is turning it in digitally,” Shinn said.

With students learning virtually, faculty has decided on safely distributing supplies to students as needed.

“We are going to start an art distribution starting next week, the ceramics teacher has already given out her kits for ceramics classes but next week we will be focusing on Art 1 and Art Appreciation students will be shortly after that.Right now for my photography class I am focusing on just making sure whatever I design can be done on a smartphone if needed,” Shinn said.

Even though teachers have a clear plan with Zoom learning things could change as time goes on.

“Nothing is set in stone we fully intend on keeping this year very fluid and kind’ve regrouping and redesigning things as we need to, I would say say right now we have a skeletal plan, but if things continue to change we are ready to change as well,”  Shinn said.


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