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When December comes around, not only does that mean the Christmas season is here it also means that Christmas movies come back to TV. However, these movies can’t all be good ones.

Johnson Students shared their favorites, as well as the ones they do not like to watch at all.

“The best ones to watch are The Grinch, Elf, Polar Express, Krampus, A Christmas Story, and The Nightmare Before Christmas,” senior Amaya Suarez said. “The worst ones are anything involving Christmas being ruined or just tacky Hallmark movies.”

“Personally my favorites are The Grinch, and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” senior Isabella Anneliese said. “I’d consider the bad Christmas movies to be like most of the Hallmark ones because they are cheesy  and all basically have the same plot.”

“I like The Grinch movies the best, Home Alone is probably in the same category as The Grinch movies for me because they are top tier. Elf is also a good movie,” senior Nya Garza said. “ I’d say that The Polar Express, The Man Who invented Christmas, and The Santa Claus suck in my opinion.”

Christmas movies aren’t just for entertainment they are also able to  bring up good past memories for the students.

“I watch these movies every year they just remind me of when I was a kid on Christmas day,” Suarez said.

“They are classics and they gave me childhood nostalgia of watching them with my cousins and my grandparents on Christmas Eve, like we were  waiting for the Christmas Eve dinner to be done,” Anneliese said.

Good Christmas movies are enjoyed by the students and their families every year. 

“I get excited to watch my favorites because that is when my family comes together and enjoys the movie and our company as family.” Garza said.

No matter if students celebrate Christmas or not, they still enjoy the movies.

“Even though I’m Jewish my favorites are Home Alone, and the Polar Express because it’s a classic and Home Alone because it is just good,” senior Ethan Peretz said.


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