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This year’s summer school sessions will be held in Summer at LEE high school. Students can either get signed up through their counselor, or they can have their parents sign them up online.

“You need to go through your counselor to get signed up or parents can go online,” Assistant Principal Sara Moseley said. “But you won’t know until maybe closer to the end of the semester if you do need summer school.”

Summer school offers students the opportunity to either make up classes they’ve failed or to get ahead by taking extra classes. 

“Summer school can be for acceleration as well,” Moseley said.

This year’s summer school has been shortened to two sessions a day, and although this year has resulted in many students failing several of their classes, students will only be able to make up two of their classes during the summer school session.

“You can take a morning and an afternoon session,” Moseley said. “It’s two classes in summer school.”

At summer school, they will have teachers in every subject to insure that students are able to get the credits for any classes they are taking.

“We’ll have teachers in each core area and our hope is to help them try to regain, you know, half credits for the second semester, at least two credits,” Moseley said.

Credits are required for students to graduate. So it’s important for students to make up lost credits through summer school.

“I think kids would be able to learn the content they might’ve missed, but also gain credits. because that’s really important at the high school level,” Moseley said.


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