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Principal Gary Comalander has recently sent out a newsletter regarding hair color guidelines for graduation and rehearsals for graduation.

“Regarding hair color, it falls in line with the North East dress code policy,” Comalander said.

Students cannot have an unnatural hair color. If a student comes to graduation with an unnatural hair color, they will be unable to participate in graduation.

“They’re going to go through rehearsal a couple of times, knowing these expectations,” Comalander said. “If they still showed up with the color they wouldn’t be able to do graduation.”

Rehearsals for Graduation will happen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after senior’s final exams are done on Tuesday. 

“Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be on campus,” Comalander said. “On Friday is the mandatory rehearsal at the Alamodome.”

Seniors do not need to bring anything and do not need to dress up for any of the on campus rehearsals.

“We don’t do the dressing up nice for on campus,” Comalander said.

On these rehearsal days, senior’s attendance will be counted by attending the rehearsals. 

“Senior exams finished on Tuesday. So Wednesday and Thursday, well really all three days, seniors are still in school,” Comalander said. “We still had to do attendance so the attendance are the rehearsals go to rehearsal, you get your attendance.” 

While things aren’t completely planned yet for the on-campus rehearsals, the Alamodome rehearsal will start at 11:50 a.m. and will go until 1 o’clock. 

“It’s just making sure you’re down there on time and get through the rehearsal,” Comalander said.

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Katie Barton is a junior at Johnson high school and is the news editor for MyJagNews.

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