Johnson has a new family specialist on campus

by Katie Barton | news editor

Johnson now has an on campus family specialist to help students and parents throughout the year.

“Anything that the family is struggling with, because what we really wanna do is to make sure that our students are doing okay so they can learn,” family specialist Ruby Morris said. “That’s really my priority.”

Morris helps families get whatever they need for their students to be successful.

“There’s so many services that I offer. I help out with school supplies, with clothing, if there’s families that are struggling with housing,” Morris said. 

If connecting with outside organizations is something a family needs, Morris can do that as well.

“I connect them with the community, agencies that are willing to help with whatever they can,” Morris said. “Just offer them, whatever resources are available to them.”

Morris also provides classes for parents such as nutrition classes, academic classes, and ESL classes for parents learning english.

“We’re giving the parents of tools to be able to help their child be successful,” Morris said. 

More information about these classes can be found in a weekly news letter sent out by Mr. Comalander. 

“I have a newsletter that comes out every week, and my calendar’s there with all the classes,” Morris said.

To contact Morris directly, students and parents can either send her an email or call the school.

“They can email me at,” Morris said. “My number here is 2-1-0-3-5-6-0-5-7-0.”

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Katie Barton is a junior at Johnson high school and is the news editor for MyJagNews. In her free time she likes to read and watch anime.

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