by Katie Barton | news editor

The campus is raising money for new refill water fountains through band and other organizations.

“We’re trying to do this with spirit and football and theater and anybody else that wants to be involved to get the bottle fill stations for the water fountains,” band director Jarret Lipman said.

The school wants to put in 10 refill stations which will cost about $1,400 each.

“The install is going to be more than expected, so it’s about $14,000 and the school raised $5,000 of it already,” Lipman said.

Even if you can’t donate money, you can still help by telling others about the fundraiser either in person or on social media apps such as instagram.

“Just word of mouth, spreading it, helping out with, with whatever they can,” Lipman said

These water fountains with built-in refill stations will make it quicker and easier for students to fill up their water bottles.

“I think they’re really important with students still not feeling comfortable drinking straight from the drinking fountain,” Lipman said.  “They can fill up their water bottles at these things without having to stand there forever.”

Donations can be made on the website at .

“People can donate to any of the organizations,” Lipman said. “There’s an online website that is set up through the band website, but any of our organization booster clubs will take donations for it.”     

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