Senior Ashley Brown sweeping as part of Jag Clean-Up Project

A group of students have decided to give back to the school by starting the Great Jag Cleanup Project.

“The Johnson cleanup was something that we created originally in response to the devious licks trend. We really wanted to take advantage of what our school needed help with as a club and be able to actually do something to actively help out the school,” senior Sarah Malihi said.

Devious Licks was a trend which originated on Tiktok where students stole items such as soap dispensers and paper towels from bathrooms, causing the administration to close most of the bathrooms in the school. 

“We named it originally devious gifts but we didn’t want it to relate to like a trend because the situation isn’t a trend. The janitors were already in a shortage before the trend,” Malihi said.

The school has been experiencing a custodian shortage since the school year started. The school only has six custodians employed out of the usual 18.

“We didn’t want to relate it to something temporary. We wanted to show that it’s a long lasting thing,” Malihi said. “Mr. Berg and Mr. Comalander said they wanted it to be a year-long thing that would occur every school year, or at least until the janitors are no longer in a shortage.” 

The Cleanup Project meets twice a week after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with cleaning efforts lasting an hour. The cleaning consists of actions such as picking up trash, mopping, wiping windows, and cleaning stairwells. 

“There’s a Remind with all the information, the code is the @thegreatja. There’s also posters all around the school with QR codes that you can use to sign up through a certain club that you’re in and the posters also have the schedule,” senior Sanya Lalani said.

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