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Binge worthy shows for summer past time

After many sleepless nights and endless hours spent on last minute homework, the time has finally come to throw your backpack into a dark storage closet (or in some cases into a trash bin) and never look at it again, well at least for the next three months. While some people get a summer job to pass time, others just plan on staying in and watching shows on their laptop.
photo by Alexis Mccutchan

Students encouraged to visit lost and found

With many forgetful teens roaming the halls, it is inevitable that the school has a lost and found. Even though the school has a lost and found, some students don’t visit it to retrieve items they've lost, instead they just shrug and buy a new one. While this may be smart for old socks or gym bags with holes in them, it is not the best idea for perfectly good lunch boxes and water bottles that flood the lost and found. Students should go to the welcome center to claim lost items.

Students pursue elite schools

As high school is coming to an end and college is approaching, most students are thinking about or working to apply to their dream schools. Some of these students are looking at elite schools such as ivy leagues, Stanford, and MIT. One of these students is junior, Sandra Moon who wishes to attend Stanford. This school stands out to her.