New state education bill puts change on the horizon

Right now a bill known as the HB5 or the “House Bill 5” is a piece of legislation that is on the verge of being passed unless the state Governor vetoes it by June 16. This piece of legislation would alter the amount of credits a student needs for core classes in order to be able to graduate. The bill is geared towards students who may not go into a higher level of education such as college, or to better help students pursue their desired career paths by giving them specific educational classes that fit their desired occupations.

Senior talent show coming soon

Although seniors do not have late arrival this year, the talent show will go on for those interested in strutting their hidden talents. Auditions for the senior talent show will be held Tuesday, April 23rd and Wednesday April 24th.

Off campus lunch policy sparks controversy

Although NEISD does not allow students to go off campus for lunch due to liability issues, other San Antonio school districts such as NISD do. NISD’s off campus lunch policies have sparked rising controversy with the recent Brandeis high school student accident incident. However, NISD has not changed its off campus lunch policy despite the student car accident taking place during lunch time.