So what happens after high school?

High school and college are two very different spectrums. The idea of college means starting a new phase of life, and becoming more of an adult. You’re leaving the young you behind and transforming into someone else.

Going beyond a fashion design classroom

Behind the runway, people are running around like crazy. Models’ clothes are being ripped off and shoved on. Zippers are in jeopardy of being broken by the quick hands attempting to zip them. This hectic scene is one many would run from, but up and coming fashion designer, Felix Cueva thinks otherwise.

Jags reflect on their own holiday traditions

We are all use to seeing those Christmas traditions of hanging up ornaments on the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and getting no sleep on Christmas Eve because we know that waiting underneath the tree for us is beautifully wrapped gifts, but what about those weird or treasured Christmas traditions not everyone does?