The real idea of stranger danger

Growing up parents always tell their children not to talk to strangers. Schools give lessons on what to do if a stranger approaches you. Some even suggest coming up with a family ‘password’, a word that only the family knows to prevent children from going home with strangers. But in today’s society, strangers on the street are only predators we should be worrying about.

2015: A year in review

by Kirsten Kraus | feature editor ALS ice bucket challenge We dumped buckets of ice cold water on our heads, drenching our clothes and our bodies. But it was all for a good cause. Many of the challenge parti...

Death of a beloved friend

Before the dreaded update, snapchat allowed you to see the top three recipients of the snappers snaps, dubbing them as their ‘best friends’. Now, however, the only best friends you can see are your own, and millions of teenage girls are crying for help.

Jags ‘Bop to the Top’

Senior Carolyn Arnold sits in front of the piano, hands shaking. The lights begin to dim, as Arnold begins to play the opening chords for High School Musical. Before she knows it, the audience erupts in applause as the actors take their final bow.

Pursuing music after high school

Tears fill her eyes as she remembers the sixth grader who picked up the instrument for the first time, the freshman at her first marching band rehearsal, and the senior walking the stage at graduation. Senior Sarah Rodriguez takes one last look before closing the case, for what could be the last time.

A blast into simulcast

As the students around her line up at the door and mindlessly explore their Twitter feeds, that five additional minutes of second period is not being used to its full capacity.

Band lands on top

Senior Sarah Rodriguez stands anxiously in the middle of the field, alongside her fellow band members, at her very last BOA competition. The announcer calls out the finals placements one by one. As the first place band is called, the Alamodome erupts into the sound of cheers from band parents and friends.