Acceptance with a catch

Over the past few years, provisional acceptance is a relatively new concept that some colleges may choose to offer to specific students. This form of ‘acceptance’ is primarily sent to students who demonstrate some college readiness at the time that the letter was sent, however if the student does not maintain and/or improve in regards to their academic standing, the provisional status may be replaced with a rejection letter. Some schools in Texas offer this as an additional option in order to meet the necessary admission requirements.

A look into Space Odyssey

You are sitting in class and the bell rings, you leave class and descend the stairs to your next period when you see the posters in the hallway: “CTJ Prom 2016: A Space Odyssey” and get really excited as you realize that night will be here in the blink of an eye.Skimming the poster, you try to find all of the details to share with your friends and you see that the price of the tickets went up, again.

The top five scholarship websites

There are many other resources to get scholarships from and several other ways to make money to pay for college. If students need more information on other ways to pay for college, they can visit the scholarship page on the Johnson counseling website. Though some scholarships may be very small, if you keep applying for as many as you can, those little amounts can add up fast.

Course card season brings many elective options for students

As course card season begins to unfold, you are now stuck trying to figure out what classes to take next school year. With such a large school, there are several options to chose from and a range of activities that cover various interests and talents. As you gaze down at the ominous course sheet in front of you, you may wonder whether the courses you choose will affect your future career.

What’s next for seniors?

Now that the second semester has started, many seniors are preparing themselves for what is to come now that they are on the last lap to graduation. Acceptance letters are flying in for many while others haven’t even started applying. For all of those who have been accepted, the race isn’t over yet. There is still so much students need to do before they can officially call themselves a college freshman.

Classes that don’t get the time of day

Everyone knows that the life of a high schooler is rigorous and challenging. However, sometimes completing assignments and staying on task for an extended period of time can seem increasingly more difficult as the day goes on.

Johnsons band hosts sixth annual holiday craft fair

“The Johnson Holiday Craft Fair & Market will be held on Saturday, December 5 from 10 am – 4 pm. We will have vendors in the cafeteria, the Upper Foyer and outside in the courtyard near the cafeteria. Free admission and parking. We will have a concession stand as well,” band parent Heather Gaudette said.