Welcome to Wonderland: Band invites all ‘down the rabbit hole’

Amongst the hoorah of fall football season, there is another, slightly forgotten, yet highly talented, competition going on in the fine arts hallway. At the end of each school year, the marching band program starts with the pre-drills of the ever so rigorous marching band routine. This year the band has incorporated an Alice in Wonderland theme featuring the journey down the rabbit hole.

A look into the past: homecoming preview

With homecoming season on the horizon, students are anxiously preparing themselves for the jingle of the ever so obnoxious cow bells dangling from mums the size of Texas. This year, Student Council chose the theme “Dancing Through The Decades”, which will incorporate a wide range of different decorations.

End of year brings senior ‘traditions’

As the school year winding down, the class of 2015 is getting ready for their “senior traditions”. Aside from graduation, each year the senior class comes up with little side games and “pranks” to keep the remainder of the year entertaining. This year the biggest game the seniors put on is a game called “JHS Assassin”. This tradition is a game where seniors “fight to the death” and stalk their targets until they shoot them with a water gun.

Fun with a high price

Lauren Holzmann | staff writer The countdown to prom is on; many students are finding themselves scouring between the couch cushions for any last minute change. While many students are blinded by the glitz a...