New changes to FAFSA

by Mackenzie Armstead | staff writer Recently there have been a few changes to the FAFSA guidelines as of 2017. These changes include an earlier date to submit your FAFSA, an extended  deadline to file your ...
Photo courtesy of Kens 5 and Fiesta San Antonio Commission

Local Fiesta celebration marks its 125-year anniversary

A week-long festival, colorful decorations, and tons of mouth-watering Mexican delicacies- that’s right, Fiesta is here. From April 14th- April 24th, Fiesta will be held downtown along the San Antonio River Walk. This year also marks the 125th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Some of the festivities include parades filled with music, the coronation of the Queen, the famous Oyster Bake, and many more.

Choosing which test to take

Late nights, early mornings, and never-ending cram sessions in between describes the typical student during SAT/ACT season. Students are preparing for the upcoming tests and, although most students are aware of the tests, some students still lack information about them. Counselor Cortney Tarbox helps explain the difference as well as the similarities between the SAT/ACT.

New AP a familiar face

By Mackenzie Armstead | staff writer Following the departure of an assistant principal, there is now a new addition to the faculty this year, who may actually be a familiar face for some. “I love Johnson...

“Semester Amnesia” strikes students

Returning back to school after a holiday or winter break can sometimes prove to be difficult for students, whether it’s one day or two weeks. After returning back to school, some students may feel unprepared; seemingly forgetting everything they learned during the first semester. This mentality is sometimes referred to as “semester amnesia”.

Showing up for success

Many students at school will tell you all sorts of notions about tardies and absences like, how they can affect you, what they mean, and if they matter. Attendance, if neglected, can cause problems for a student's high school career. Students put credits, graduation, and even college on the line, when their attendance has too many tardies/absences.

Fencing up food: new fence slows down route to Sonic

If you’re a student here at Johnson, you know how “convenient” a trip to Sonic was. If you had a few minutes before practice or were just in serious need of a grape creamslush, it was so easy to walk through the secret pathway through the woods to get to the slushie heaven. Simple enough, right? Now, a new fence is in place blocking this path.