Importance of the NFL draft

When people think of the NFL draft they think of their favorite teams drafting prospects that could make or break their future in Radio City Music Hall in New York City in late April. 25, 26 and 27.

Cinderella teams bring the maddness back to March

A cinderella team is a team from a mid-major conference that upsets one or a couple of the top teams in the NCAA tournament. Every year a couple teams from these conferences come in and win a couple games that no one expected them to even be competitive. Usually, there are about two or three cinderella's each year.

Jags football kicks off season strong

Last year Johnson comfortably defeated the Harlingen Cardinals 36-0 on the road. This year the Jaguars defeated the Cardinals once again by the score of 35-23 after a summer of working hard and preparing for the upcoming season. The next game for Johnson was against the Brandeis Broncos, who defeated the Jaguars 30-13 in last year's matchup. This years team was looking for revenge, but fell short, losing 68-53.