ASL works with ALE for learning, fun

For the students in the ASL III/ IV dual credit class, working with the students in the ALE program is just a part of their daily routine. Instructed by Dr. Janellkay Brigham, the students in this class are split up into two teams, with half of the class "interning", or working with the ALE students, on Monday and Wednesday's, and the other team, Team B, on Tuesday and Thursday's. The goal of this program is to promote sign language (ASL) as a way of communication, and even though the student's receive a daily grade for this activity, the experience still seems enjoyable.

Students respond to new portables on campus

Over the summer, six portables were added to the campus in order to accommodate the school's increasing population, with only two portables being utilized. With the increasing population of the school, the administration decided to add 4 portables at the rear of the campus. The addition of the portables resulted in extra classrooms for teachers that had to float last year.