Fortnite Video game

PUBG vs Fortnite: Which is better?

Both PUBG and Fortnite are massive multiplayer games, both of which are loved by millions. Both of these games compte within the recent trend of battle-royale games where 100 players fight to the death. Only question is, which of these is the best of the two?

Coachella on your couch

If you are like many of your fellow students at school you do not have a $889 ticket to Coachella. You may be sad and very jealous, but lucky for you I am giving you all the inside details on the top 10 things going on at Coachella. As well as providing you with a resource to live stream coachella on your phone, tablet, computer e.t.c.  If you are interested in seeing more Coachella click here.

Alternatives for prom night that still make it special

To most students, prom night can be the most spectacular and anticipated night of high school. Some view it as a magical dance spent with your closest friends among the senior and junior class, while others may view it as an expensive event that requires students to stay in an overheated area with people you can’t stand. A few students choose not to attend prom because of the expenses or because they don’t want to be conventional. Here are a few alternatives for students to enjoy prom night away from school.