Cover of Olivia Rodrigo's new hit song, Driver's License.

Driving up to No. 1

After its release on Jan. 8, Olivia Rodrigo’s first song, Driver’s License, has debuted number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has hit the record for most streams in one week on Spotify, thanks to Tik Tok.

Coachella on your couch

If you are like many of your fellow students at school you do not have a $889 ticket to Coachella. You may be sad and very jealous, but lucky for you I am giving you all the inside details on the top 10 things going on at Coachella. As well as providing you with a resource to live stream coachella on your phone, tablet, computer e.t.c.  If you are interested in seeing more Coachella click here.