Students pursue elite schools

As high school is coming to an end and college is approaching, most students are thinking about or working to apply to their dream schools. Some of these students are looking at elite schools such as ivy leagues, Stanford, and MIT. One of these students is junior, Sandra Moon who wishes to attend Stanford. This school stands out to her.

Students reflect on keeping their cultural identity

Whether someone continues to live in the country they were born in, or they move away for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean they forget where their heritage comes from. Regardless of where a person chooses to live, their traditions remain with them. For example, junior Thomas George, who is originally from India, brought his customs with him when he moved to America.
David Mooney's IMDb page

Movie star in our midst

An actor has been hiding in our midst. Working as a substitute teacher and calling students “little brother” or “little sister,” David Mooney doesn’t speak much about his acting career, but he has many stories to tell. “My mother had been a singer and all that so she encouraged me. I was always I guess a drama king or something, you know. I guess my mother thought I was a little over the top, so she encouraged me to be interested in the art,” Mooney said. “And she had a lovely voice, but she never pursued it so she kind of encouraged me to pursue it.”