A Break from Boxing?

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I have been boxing since August 2009, which has been one whole year and three months now. Since I box, it doesn’t mean I can’t do other sports… like basketball…

Yes, another sport that I am completely in love with is basketball. Last year, I played basketball as a seventh grader and this year; I plan to join again as an eight grader. I know being in boxing is an everyday thing for me, especially if I really want to win in tournaments, but the truth is, my coach totally understands. My coach gave me permission to take a “break” from boxing for as long as basketball season lasts, which is from November to February. Three months of being on “break” from boxing seems great, right? It is, but the day after my last basketball game is day I have to go back to boxing practice.

Honestly, I can’t wait for basketball to start. Last year was an amazing year, even though my team didn’t win very many games, but my point is that I love basketball with a passion. Basketball was actually the very first sport I was introduced to as a little girl. My father played one-on-one games with me every chance he had. We had so much fun and I learned the basics from him. Playing and learning basketball with my father inspired me to play it even more, whether it’s street basketball or an actual game for school or a team. And playing on a team here at school makes all the good memories I have with my father come alive. With the ball in my hand, the sweat rolling down my face and the crowd cheering in the background for their team is an experience that I’ll never get enough of.

So, once basketball season starts, I will take a three month “break” to practice for basketball. But don’t worry… Once it ends, I‘ll get back on track with my boxing practice, just like last year. Wish me luck!

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