Life Away From Krueger Middle School

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Sofia Senquiz
KMSN Reporter

Students often say, Yes! Loudly and with a smile when the weekend finally arrives. The first thing students are going to do when they leave campus is… most students are not sure and undecided. Their just thankful to know the decision is totally theirs.

Some students don’t know what their weekend is like or what they’re going to do when they get home, but it’s usually similar to what they did over the summer.
“I’m usually playing sports with my brother and watching television,” Dalia Castillo said.
Some kids are active and non-active after school. Most of the time, kids are either one or the other. They often have  a good reason for choosing one or the other.  “I eat chocolate because I’m always hungry and my stomach is a never-ending void,” Audrey Ogoc said.

Yes! It’s the end of the school week and it’s Friday. That means weekend and for some reason, that means doing something fun (and being active).
“I go to church on Sundays and run around the park on Saturday,” Liliana Abrego said.
In conclusion, students don’t do the same thing when they’re away from school that they do when they are in school. They play with their little siblings, go to church, or something else that is important to them. Others sit around and eat, and that’s good enough for them.

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