Aviation Club Soars To New Heights

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Cedric Robillard and Isaiah Martinez

KMSN Staff

Aviation club is a flight simulator club, where you use airplanes to fight with 36 other people. Students use old types of video games controllers such as joysticks to control your plane. Most students would agree that the planes are easy to fly.

The Aviation Club meets every Thursday at 3:35 p.m. in Room 505. Any students are welcomed to join as long as they have an interest in aviation, the art of flying.

“Aviation has 36 students that are very interested aviations principles. The class has been split into two classes,” Mr. Doria, Aviation Instructor, said.
The club uses Google Earth, an internet map program, to make the flight seem as real as possible.

“It’s fun to learn how to fly. If you get your license you could play combat flight simulator,” Steven Ngu (8) said.

In conclusion, most students claim that aviation is a fun and popular club. The atmosphere is competitive and thrilling at the same time. Most students are inspired to win as they challenge one another in dog fighting aerial combat.  Aviation club is a place where students fly virtual aircraft for skills in later life. Possibly, becoming aircraft pilots for their career.

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