Krueger Basketball Season In Motion

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Parker Jenschke
KMSN Staff

Now that football is over, the Krueger basketball season started with a first scrimmage against Alamo Heights Middle School. All of Krueger’s teams from 7th and 8th grade lost every game, but know the experience will make them a better team as the season continues. 
The 7th grade scores were C-Team Krueger 7 – Heights 39, B-team Krueger 11 – Heights 37, and A-team Krueger 27 – Heights 32. Even though they all lost this won’t count in the season, but the players were disappointed in the loses.
The season is not off to the start the guys would have liked. The basketball teams can only hope for the best and that they will do better than they did during the football season.           
“A-team did good, I think it was a fun game against Alamo heights, because it was a close game down to the buzzer. I think this season were going to win what we can but there will be some hard teams.”  Christian Ritter (7K) said.
Ritter is on 7th A-team, who played a close game against Heights.
But all the teams did what they could against a good team like Alamo Heights.
Through the season, it will not be easy to win, but the teams are practicing every day and getting better as they go.
“The game against Alamo Heights was really hard because they had good shooters and fast people. Also, kids twice my size were playing. Our season will go good, but these first three scrimmages will be hard because they’re against some of the big schools best teams.” Robert Zevala (7I) said.
The three schools that are not counted on the record are Alamo Heights, Harris, and Eisenhower.
They are still in NEISD but are considered big schools because of the amount of students they receive compared to us.
“The game against Alamo Heights was a bad game to me for the B team because in the first quarter, we didn’t get a single point and never took a shot. Our offense just kept passing instead of attacking the basket. Are season should go pretty good I just hope it goes better than our football season.” Johnathan Sheperd  (7I) said.
The basketball players are practicing every day trying to get better and be the best they can be. The first team they will play that will count towards the regular season will be Nimitz. In football season, Krueger beat Nimitz and the team is hoping it will be the same on the basketball court.
The season will be facing all small school teams such as Wood, Ed White, Jackson, and Garner.
Note: Parker Jenschke plays power forward on the seventh grade “B” team.

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