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Your parents threatened it would happen. Two weeks later it did. They back you up, force you to put on your uniform, and tie you into the car like if they think you are a dangerous criminal trying to escape on your way to your personal doom. You seem to drive for hours before they finally stop in front of a tall scary building that looks like the outside of a torture chamber. Slowly, they escort you personally to the door as if to make sure you don’t escape and give you to one of their partners so you can be escorted to your jail cell with the rest of prisoners who have gone through the same thing.

School is not really that scary. On the first day you get to see all your old friends, meet new people, teachers as well as kids, and you get learn more. The first day of school always brings thoughts or memories to us. It can remind us of our first day in preschool, how much the school has changed, and how much closer we are to becoming the president of the United States of America.

The first day of school is my personal favorite. I love to meet my new teachers and try different things. I also like the first three days of freedom before the race for knowledge actually begins. I think it fun to try and memorize my schedule in a day like if its a race. I also think its fun to do a good job on all your work so you can get hundreds and only hundreds.

My favorite subject is Math. I love to add and subtract numbers, make percentages, and divide ginormous numbers. I also like science because I get to look forward to dissecting a frog, or making chemical experiments. I also like to go to rocketry class because you can learn a lot about space, NASA, and lot about rockets. So far I have made only one small rocket but the next one will be twice the size.

There are many great things about many schools. You will always find people you like and dislike but there will always be someone who will be your friend and stand by your side. Now, when the police come I hope you will say, “I Am Ready,” and go enjoy what each individual school has to offer.

Isabella Leighton

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