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Sports isn’t all about football and basketball. There’s volleyball too, I’d say you’ll like our volleyball games because now we have…… nice cold gyms, lots of home games, more players, and we have a lot more fun! Come and enjoy our games and then we’ll share the fun. Its ONLY $1 for kids and NEISD staff, and $2 for adults.

I’m actually in volleyball and believe me it is really fun. So if you’re a KMS student reading this see if you can join or at least come to our games you can see your friends too. That goes out to all the KMS students out there. Don’t you want to see your friends play volleyball? I know I do. For the parents bring your cameras, friends, and family who ever you want to see your child get on the court and rock the game like she owns it.

For the snacks there’s so much to eat and drink. There’s Water, Gatorade’s, Sodas, Candy, Nachos, Pickles, Chips, and much more. If you want something that we don’t have then I’ll see if we can make a poster and then you can write down the things you want at our concession stand at the volleyball games in the up stairs gym.

So come in and enjoy the fun. Located at the upstairs gym so you can eat, drink, and have fun! Ill have the schedule ready as soon as possible. Hope you can come and have lots of fun! (:

– Skylar Melchor♥

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