Volleyball Tryouts

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VolleyballIt was the second day of school I was running to the gym for volleyball try outs. I knew I wasn’t the best volleyball player but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from trying my best. It had been four days of stretching, running, and sprinting. Passing and serving, today after practice we were going to find out what team we made. There was “A” team for really good girls, “B” team for the girls who almost were good enough and “C” team for those girls who know that they aren’t very good and don’t really care. We returned from the water fountain.

With sweat running down our back we sat in our role seats and waited for every girl to return from the water fountain, we were excited and couldn’t wait much longer but we still had another 30 minutes left of practice, using our shirts as sweat rags we wiped our faces and got into five lines of six. Every volleyball girl has to know that there are three parts to getting the ball the bump right to the setter, the set nice and high, then a spike to score a point. Serving is one of the most important parts of volleyball but, it takes strength and a lot of it.

Serving usually goes to the girls with a hard hand. They are always the first to serve in a game. After a serve ever girl is down in their positions ready for the perfect hit right to the setter. There are six positions in volleyball upper right corner, upper front (usually responsible for chasing the ball and setting it ) the upper left corner ( the two corner girl are usually responsible for calling if the ball is out of bounds) Then there is the far right girl, Middle girl on the free throw line and the far left girl. The girls in the back are responsible for the ball if it goes past the front rows heads.

After coach told us all the rules and if we cry then we are off the team so all the girls had to do a falcon run right before the end. Falcon run is when all the girls are in a straight and jog the basketball border. When coach blows the whistle you jog and then when she yells “GO” the last girl has to try and run to the front of the line, most of the time the line leader starts to sprint to make it harder but that never helps because they both just end up with burned up lungs and super high heart rate. We did that until we had five minutes left so we all put our hands in and all together yellLADY FALCONS” we always say it loud and proud. All the girls immediately ran to the list I waited till I was dressed so I didn’t have to make my way through a heard of buffalo so sooner or later I made it to the front and saw my name under the category ‘B’ team and I thought “YESSS, I know I wasn’t good enough to make “A” team and I knew I wasn’t that bad to make “C” team. I heard a scream from the “A” team girl and look over my shoulder to see the tears from “C” team girls. After we were all dressed we talked with our coach, Mr. Arce. Many girls from the past, he explained, has called him ‘the mean teacher’ and only because he pushes up to help us become the best players we can be.

He told us he will get us to “A” team and that we now have practice at 6:15 every morning except Thursdays our game days, now I know I really need “A” team because waking up at 5:30 its not fun. After being on “B” team for about five weeks I have learned more than I ever thought I would need or want to know. I have learned that my team is now my family and we have to stick up for each other, we don’t make fun of them we help them and care for them just as we would with our real family.

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