Holiday Wish List Varies Among Students

| December 10, 2010 | 0 Comments

Megan Delatorre
KMSN Staff

The holiday season and Christmas is a time for joy and cheer for most. But is it a time that you’re supposed to be greedy about what presents you want under the tree?
Recently, the staff of KMSN asked students what they want for Christmas and the holiday season. As one can imagine, technological and everyday useful gifts are prized by many students.
“I want a new phone” Sophia Lozano (7K) said.
A lot of people want new things such as phones, IPods and Compact Discs. When you want things really bad, you often don’t think of what you have.
“I want a Gucci purse” Esmeralda B. Carrillo (7K) said.
Not all gifts and wants are materialistic. Some want gifts that will fill a void in their life.
“I want a teacup yorkie. I want one because my dogs passed away and they are cute,” Ashlyn Bain (7K) said.
In conclusion, many people want things that they have already, they just want the new version of it. Others just want certain things for a reason that is more personal.

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