Making Friends Is Easy With Right Attitude

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Fatima Valadez
KMSN Staff

There are many ways that students at Krueger can make new friends, but I think the following steps work the best in making the kind of friends that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes “Breaking the Ice” also known as that first conversation when you meet is the toughest challenge.
The first step in making effective conversation with potential friends is just saying “hi.” Then, if they respond ask them for their first and last name.  Sounds simple right? A lot of people have trouble just opening up with these first simple words.
After finding out their name, you can ask them, “Where are you from and how old are you?.”
Most people will be glad to share basic information about themselves and it will make them more comfortable with you.
Next, ask them if they have any siblings, “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
You can then tell them what has happened during your day and ask them about how their day is going so far.
In my case, I have a lot of friends. Everybody that knows me, tells me that I’m really friendly.
You could also ask your next potential friend, “What’s your favorite song?”  Most students enjoy talking about music and it’s a great way to find common ground.
In addition, you can ask if they’ve seen any good movies lately and what their favorite movie is.
I think that if you do all these things, you’re going to make lots of friends. I know these steps work for finding friends because I have tried them and have had success.

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