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Sofia Senquiz
KMSN Staff

Playing a flute is not easy, but if you practice enough the results will show in the sound you make with your instrument.
First, you have to connect the three parts of the flute. The three parts include: the head joint, the body, and the foot joint.
To get a sound out of the instrument, you have to practice several hours on your head joint. This also helps with breathing techniques.
If you can’t make a sound come out of the head joint, then you can’t play it all together. So, you must master this basic technique before you can even attempt to play the flute as a whole.
When you’re making those first sounds come out of the head joint, you need to do it in at least four beats. You can measure the beats by stopping your feet in a timely manner.

Once you make a sound come out of the head joint, then try the same thing with the flute assembled.  There are a lot of books you can buy with basic music notes on them specifically for flute playing.
The keys would be tough to explain in this article alone, so I would suggest just being patient and practice as much as you can. Good luck on learning a new instrument, especially if you decide to take up the challenge of playing flute!

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