Falcons, Driscoll Basketball Teams Collided With Mixed Results

| January 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

Parker Jenschke
KMSN Staff

On the night of Jan. 13, Krueger’s Basketball teams played Driscoll. Basketball is just as much of a contact sport as Football some would say, but this game had some big injuries which took some players out of action. Even with the loss of players it didn’t stop the team from fighting back against Driscoll.

“I think we did well because we won and beat them really bad in scoring. But it felt like one of our toughest games that we’ve played so far in the season. Our team just started panicking at the start of the game because they were running a tough defense and we weren’t used to it. We had to take a lot of rushed shots, but made most of them.” Fernando Wolfe, 7th grade C team, small forward, said.

The C Team has a lot of players who haven’t played before and are still learning. But the C Team is undefeated in the season because they still have some talented players that didn’t make the A and B team cut.
As the season goes on, some players even get moved up teams because of players with insufficient grades.
“I think I did pretty well in our game because I got a lot of defensive rebounds. The only bad thing is I got two points in the whole game. Plus, later in the game one of our Point guards got injured as he went up for a shot. A player on the other team knocked him down in mid-air, and he landed right on his head.” Emory Covarrubias 7th grade B team center, said.

The point guard that was injured was Carlos Sanchez. After hitting his head on the floor, he was carried off the court. It was no major injury, just a big bump on his head and him missing most of the game.
“I did okay in the game but I made some mistakes. I threw the ball in a few times and the other team ended up stealing the ball and scoring. I also messed up on the defense a few times. I kind of think our whole B team was off their game that night.” Johnathan Sheperd 7th grade B team small forward, said.
The B team played hard but still lost 28-40. After losing the injured point guard, you notice more aggression in them, playing inspired after the injury of a player.

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