Movie Review: Toy Story 3

| September 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

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One of the best movies in the summer of 2010 was Toy Story 3.  Some students and teachers here at Krueger saw Toy Story 3.  below is a student’s favorite part and a teacher’s favorite part.

“My favorite scene was when the toys were being shown around the daycare because it looked cool,” Isabell Mayer said.

“My favorite scene was when the toys where going to get burned because you think that that’s it, but ‘the claw’ saves them,” Ms. Aguirre said.

As a result, some students who watched Toy Story 3 may think about when they were young.        “Well, it reminded me of my childhood when I was about seven,” Nick Noble said.  Toy story 3 is a movie to see from what everyone is saying.

In the long run, if you ever want to go to the movies and don’t know what to watch, see Toy Story 3, if it’s still showing.

-Isaiah Martinez

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