Movies Bring Different People Together

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Austin Smith
KMSN Staff

Movies are one of the top ways to entertain people young and old. Going to the movies can be a special celebration or a normal occurrence, depending on the family.

People go to the movies for a number of reasons. Some include making fun of a cheesy movie, watching a chick flick, testing your stomach with a gory movie, and even a Disney movie for the kids. Movies and movie theaters cater to all ages and personality. Everyone that goes to the movies loves the experience.

“I go to the movies a few times a year, but I go a lot in the summer. The movies are awesome and fun because I go with my friends,” said Brandon Stevens (8I) said.

Going with friends to movies is a great way to have fun. Another way to have fun at the movies is to go with family.

“My mom, brother and I agree on movies that we want to see together,” said Oscar Fernandez (8I) said. “We go to the movies every one-two weeks, and we go to the IMAX every few months.”
Many Krueger students love the movies regardless of whom they go with. Even if you go to the movies alone, you can have a good time. “I go to the movies every weekend,” Victoria Fernandez (7K) said. “I like the movies a lot.”

Movies are a great pastime activity for both hot and rainy days. Movies can make you happy when you feel sad. They serve as an excuse to eat as much popcorn as possible. But the one thing movies do best is entertainment.

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