Some Long Term Relationships Begin In Middle School

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Alexandria Duran
KMSN Staff

Relationships are a big part of most people’s  lives. Young relationships happen more frequently than they used to. Most young relationships start in middle school.

Middle school relationships happen a lot now-a-days and most people start dating in middle school. Some people even start dating in Elementary school. Almost everyone by the time they were in 8th grade have had at least one boyfriend or girlfriend. When asked, “What do I think about middle school relationships?,” people had different responses and thoughts.

“They are alright.  Sometimes people are too young,” Miguel Vargas (8i) said. People have different and similar ideas and opinions about it. Some people think the same.

“They’re very fun.  Also, You have a good time getting to know them as a person,” Nathaniel Ramos (8i) said.
A lot of people agree that they are okay or really fun. Others think that they aren’t very good sometimes.

“They are okay.  They are only okay if you don’t go too far,” Salvador Moreno (8i) said. Moreno added that people have to be smart about the decisions they make when they’re in a relationship with another person.

Some people have good experiences when it comes to young relationships. Most people end up in a better relationship as they get older. People have very different opinions on relationships. You should have some relationships when you are younger and some when you are older, so you can give other people advice on what they should do.

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