Track Season Closing On A High Note

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Parker Jenschke
KMSN Staff

It seems that we just started track season, but it’s already over. The track and field team has had a short season, but has managed to make a good name for Krueger and themselves among all the competitors around the district.           
“I was really proud of my track season because every event I was in we came in the top three finishers every track meet. We mostly got first place in our relay team races and I was in most of them. But I wish would have done better at the district track meet because we had such a great season with our relay and I didn’t feel good so when I ran I feel we lost a lot of time on running,” Quirin Laracuente (7K) said.
            The track season was a short season but Krueger runners had the talent to keep ahead some of the best schools. It ended up showing that we had some of the fastest runners in the 7th grade and has helped our athletes from thinking about other sports by showing how they alone were able to have a good reputation for our school.
            “I feel very good about my personal season because I got to be on the on the relay teams and we got to win a lot. I was happy that I was able to get ahead of other people when I was running. I think when I ran I was able to help our team catch up with the other schools. But it felt like we went against really hard schools but we were still able to win so that made me feel really good.” Juan Sanchez (7I) said.
            Sanchez is a runner in three relay events and even with him having to use an inhaler he was one of our fastest runners. When Sanchez ran and our team was in 5th place he was able to gain us up to 2nd place just in his own pace. It shows how determination can overcome against other competitors.
  “I was proud of myself through the whole track season but I got mad because we weren’t able to win our district track meet. But our overall season was really good because we won almost every relay race we were in. Also I placed in the 200-meter dash every track meet so I’m proud of that because I worked really hard at that,” Jonathan Shepherd (7I) said.
            The whole season had got all the hopes of the track team up because of how their whole season had been going and because they had never been so close to winning a district placing event. But even though they didn’t come in 1st place they were still able to get 4th place over the district. With those results, Krueger will be sending a selection of runners to the Meet of Champions.

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