Eighth Graders Reflect On Middle School Memories

| April 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Yannis Bosier
KMSN Staff

With many eighth grade students soon departing for high school and a freshman year of adventure, a few took some time to reflect on their three years at Krueger and the fondest memories they’ve had.
Many students in eighth grade look back and wonder where all the time has gone. They remember all the fun times they had all the drama they were in, and look at how far they have come, and think about what is to come next year as a freshman.

“My favorite memories about middle school are all the new people I met each year,” Marisabel Martinez (8M) said.
Some student’s favorite memories of middle school are the field trips.
“My favorite memories about middle school are going on a field trip to the corn maze because I had a lot of fun going through a maze of corn,” Brittany Villareal (8i) said.
Some students remember all the crazy times they had at lunch.
“My friends and I going to lunch having a great time,” Frank Mengrone (8M) said.
Many eighth grade students remember a lot of different things about their middle school years. There are so many memories that we have that we will probably never forget this is the best time of our lives.

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  1. joerobert says:

    i’ll miss some 8th graders knowing that i’ll be in their “shirts” next year

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