Easter Represents Various Things To Students

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Sofia Senquiz
KMSN Staff

Easter has a different meaning for different people. Some people think that it is just an American holiday, but religion is the real reason for this holiday.
The religions that celebrate Easter are Catholics and other Christian denominations. It is said that Easter was the day that Jesus of Nazareth was resurrected (brought back to life) from previous execution by the Romans.
Easter means different things to different people. Some celebrate and observe the religious part of it by attending church while others see it as just a holiday to have fun and relax with family.
“Easter is cool because you can eat Mexican food and go on an Easter Egg Hunt,” Lucia Jauregui (7I) said.
          An Easter egg hunt is an activity that kids do. The point of an Easter egg hunt is for the adults put money, candy and different little treats in different colored eggs and the kids have to find them.
          “It’s an awesome holiday for eating candy,” Alena Washington (6K) said.
          Definitely, a different holiday for different people. For Jauregui it’s an Easter egg hunt and for Washington it is a holiday for eating candy. Others like the fact that it falls on a Sunday and no classes are held the Friday before it.
          “It’s a good holiday because you don’t have to go to school,” Michelle Gonzalez (6I) said.
          Good Friday is a student holiday because out of tradition because it was the day the Romans crucified Jesus of Nazareth according to the Christian Bible. As a show of respect, students are asked to be with their family and loved ones that day. Easter, the day Jesus was believed by his Christian followers to return to life, is a day of joy for many regardless of religious beliefs or lack there of.
Easter Egg Hunts and eating candy are different ways to celebrate Easter. It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate it just have fun doing it.

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