Music Is Motivation For Students

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Richard Milligan
KMSN Staff

Music is a big part of the community and a bunch of people listen to it, especially in school. A bunch of people make their own music as well, and others just listen to it for entertainment.
There are a bunch of different music artists, types, producers, and fans. The record labels are pretty big and there are a bunch of different people who do listen to them.
“My favorite band is Ugly Kid Joe, because pop and rock have turned people into wusses,” Nick Noble (8i) said.
Some people have said before that they like some bands that not many people have heard of.
“My favorite band is my Chemical Romance, because I like their music,” Nick Gerimeta (8i) said.
There are a bunch of music fans at school and they all have a tendency to like the same band, or at least heard of it.
“I’d say All Day is awesome, mainly because my brother’s in it,” Steven Gonzales (7i) said.
A bunch of people like the same music and the same bands but people always have to disagree on something. It’s just like any other school with music. There is also a bunch of musicians here at the school, such as the Krueger orchestra and band.

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