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Sony Playstation Move ControllerPlayStation Move by Sony was released for the PS3 on September 17th, 2010. This is a revolutionary new product which allows you to actually interact more than ever with the game by combining a controller like the Wii remotes and a camera ( like the Xbox Kinect formerly known as project natal) that tracks precision movement of the controller. Experts are calling this [PlayStation Move] more precise than Xbox Kinect and Wii Motion Plus because, they use both the camera and controller.The great thing about this is that its fully compatible with every PS3 out there in other words it has full backwards compatibility for both PS3 Fats and Slim system models.

“ I really like PlayStation Move because it is interactive and you can play first person shooters on it,” says 7K student Ben Paul.

This means that you can still play games like SOCOM, Killzone 3, and MAG plus other shooters because it uses buttons and a remote. You can also play games with camera recognition that takes video or pictures of you and your surroundings and inputs it into the game with the camera. Another plus is that Sony can make updates for the games to make them PlayStation move compatible because there is no built in software on the disk required because it is all on the memory and not a completely different disk. Because of this you can play games that originally weren’t PlayStation Move compatible like Heavy Rain. Because of all its features they can make a lot more games for it because they wont run out of ideas as quickly.

The starting bundle for PlayStation Move is $99
and it comes with the move remote, the PlayStation Eye camera, and Sports Champions. This is $50 cheaper than ordering the Kinect and just in case you want to spend the other $50 you can buy another motion controller or a navigation controller which only cost $30 . Here is the PlayStation move and similar products from rival companies.
Just click on product table

Even though its cheapest the Wii Motion Plus isn’t as accurate and can’t incorporate video technology and motion detection which is why PlayStation Move is not only more accurate but also much more interactive.
For example in the game Eye Pet the PlayStation Move takes live video of your surroundings like a living room and displays it on the TV with the pet running around in your virtual living room.

Here are some games that are out and require PlayStation Move or are compatible with it along with whether they are 3D compatible games or not. you can still play these games even if you don’t have a 3D tv, you just wont be able to play them in 3D.

Little Big Planet 2 (compatible)

Eye Pet (required) (3D compatible)

Sports Champions (required)

The Fight: Lights Out (required) (3D compatible)

Kung Fu Rider (required)

The Shoot (required)

Start the Party (required)

R.U.S.E (compatible)

Tiger woods PGA tour 11 (compatible)

Toy Story 3: The Video Game (compatible)

High Velocity Bowling (compatible) (3D compatible

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (compatible)

TV Superstars (required)

Sorcery (required)

Tron Evolution (compatible)

Time Crisis: Razing Storm (compatible)

The Sly Collection (compatible)

Brunswick Pro Bowling (compatible)

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (compatible)


Sony now intends to increase the gameing library to over 50 exclusive PS move games by the end of 2011 . There is also a few more games than this out for PlayStation Move. Don’t forget this comes with a PlayStation Eye and there is allot more games specifically for that. Last but not least some of these games you can play in 3D exclusively on the PS3 the worlds first and only 3D video game console yet.

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  1. joerobert says:

    @chappel google it

  2. mikyle says:

    @joerobert well Sony was the first to come out with motion gaming on the PS2 (eye toy) and the PS3 (PS eye) before kinect so then Mircrosoft would be ripping of Playstation but their not. Same with sony their not ripping off the Wii their just makeing it better

  3. mikyle says:

    Yup it can be costly at time

  4. Jennifer Hall says:

    I get irritated when there are advances in a gaming system I don’t own. I have a wii (and a really old playstation), and although I’d love to try out these new types of gaming, I just can’t see investing all of that money in a new system.

  5. joerobert says:

    hmm… so playstation is ripping nintendo off now

  6. mikyle says:

    ya i bought MAG for it which is like call of duty its pretty awesome plus im going to see if i can update it with games that are PlayStation move and 3D compatible
    since the PS3 can play 3D games

  7. Colby Chappell says:

    Is it any good with the games that are “compatible”?

  8. Greg Garcia says:

    I agree Quinn it does sound like the Wii. The only difference is… there is no difference.

  9. mikyle says:

    i know but its a lot cooler than Wii plus the graphics and accuracy of the Wii limit the realistic sense of it.

  10. Quinn banas says:

    Sounds like the wii…

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