Football Report: Wood Edition

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Krueger vs. Wood

Yesterday’s game went well. The 7th grade dark team won by 22 points and light team lost by 24 points. Coach Baxter said that Wood has a pretty good football team, but that we should be able to beat them. He was moderately right; one team won and one team lost. When the last buzzer rang the final score for dark was 22 – 0 and for the light it was 0 – 24. This mean that the dark team has two  wins and zero losses while the light team has zero wins and two  losses.

8th grade dark team tied 8 – 8 while 8th grade light team lost 22 – 14. So far dark team has a total of zero wins  –  one loss  –  one tie. While the light team is at two wins  –  zero losses. I was not actually there because I play for 7th grade but I’m sure that our 8th grade team played hard and well. Even though the dark team is of to a bad start I believe that they still have a chance to be district champions so they can be champions two years in a row. This has been the 7th and 8th grade football report for Wood Middle School.

Written by Gregory Garcia

Edited by Sam Grossman

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