Air Safety

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Many people wonder how safe the skies really are. This article will answer all your questions. If you wonder about Pilot fatigue, terrorists and just how safe an airplane really is, read on…
Fatigue is becoming a major concern in the aviation world with the Colgan air crash last year due to pilot fatigue. There are ways we can reduce pilot fatigue though by airlines reducing hours on a pilot and more sophisticated mental tests and physical tests. But it mainly falls to the pilot to decide whether he is ready or not. So right now the FAA is introducing new safety classes to help prevent these issues from arising, so please look it up to see for yourself what the FAA is doing.
Terrorists aren’t as much of a risk as they were in 911 but they still happen so you need to be prepared in case your plane is hijacked. So if a terrorist is on your plane you and your fellow passengers will instinctively try to jump them, this is not what you want to do what you want to do is wait see if they have any weapons. If they have serious weapons than you will need to come up with a plan. If it is a knife than you have a better chance of fighting back. So look to see what weapon they have before you charge.
Airplanes are very safe nowadays and nobody really worries. Most crashes are pilot error, faulty maintenance and a little bit of airplane fault (very rare though).
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