Oct. 18, 2010

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Today was picture day! Picture day is really cool, at least, it used to be, now, we have to wear our uniforms, no matter what year were in, because they always make it on a Monday, so yeah. It totally sucked all the fun out of picture day. Not only that, but when we were in the autitorium, they gave us so many rules about how to dress, like to keep 2 buttons buttoned, etc… They got me so mad, though. I was sitting on the stool, right, and they told me how to look, like they told me to put my hair behind my ears. They didn’t ask if I wanted my hair behind my ears, they told me to, as if it were an order! You know how mad I was?!?!?! Anyway, I’m working on a KKCC comercial. I know that you never read the home page, but read this one, because it’s really cool and all about me, pretty much. This blog is more like me, as if it know’s me. Is it stalking me?!?! THAT IS NOT COOL!!! I think that if I just sit here and type to you, I can’t go save the world, but if I go, then who’s gonna care for you? I HAVE AN IDEA! I’ll ask Caitlin to care for you while I’m gone! DANG! She said no! Why would she say no?!?!?! I thought that she loved you! I guess that I was wrong! I’m in KIN right now, and it’s really boring. Kyle Voltz and Michael Lastname are here and they are OOBER (I can’t spell) annoying. It was earlier, so now, I’m at my house, reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian. Its really good. I gotta go to beddy bye now, so…GOODBYE!!!

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  1. AE Keller says:

    I hate the way you can’t wear what you want to wear on picture day. If I could chose what I would wear, it would always be, PINK!!!!

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