Christmas in Mexico

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Mexican Christmas    Christmas time is coming. You go to the store to buy yams and ham and lots of sweets. You could celebrate with presents or other nicknack’s. But have you ever thought about how it is celebrated in other parts of the country? How about in other parts of the world? Have you ever thought about how it might be celebrated in one of neighboring countries, for example, Mexico?
    In Mexico Christmas is considered a very important religious holiday. They have all kind of celebrations that will last for days that go in a certain order. The activities include parties, posadas, and the night before Christmas that they call Noche Buena. Christmas symbolises the birth of the baby Jesus.
    The celebration starts with Posadas. People will all gather together at the house of a friend. Then they will go from house to house asking to be let in as the reenactment of the virgin Mary and St. Joseph when they were at the city of Bethlehem for the census. They will only be accepted at the third house were they will go in, do a few prayers, and have a small party. The Posadas start on the 16th of December and finish on the 24th of December switching houses every day were the will celebrate. They finish on the 24th because it is what they call Noche Buena, or Holy Night. All the houses have a nativity scene and as they go around singing to be let into the houses four teenagers carry statues of the virgin Mary or Joseph. They will also be carrying around candles in paper holders to illuminate their way.
    When the party finally starts they will bring out a Piñata for the children. They use a traditional one that looks like a star and has a clay pot which they put in the inside to hold the goodies. Traditionally, instead of putting candy in the Piñata, they put peanuts, oranges, tangerines and sugarcane. Occasionally, they will put in hard candy. Then the kids will sing or chant something while one of them will try to break the Piñata blindfolded.
    On the 24th during Noche Buena, people will go to church at midnight and then they go to their very own houses to eat dinner. People who do not have a family to celebrate with are welcome at almost any house.
    There are many ways to celebrate Christmas all around the world. Maybe this year you will get together with some friend and celebrate a Mexican Christmas!

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  1. joerobert says:

    i agree with AE

  2. Jennifer Hall says:

    Very interesting. Also, I agree with AE about giving money to charity. I know in some families they give contributions instead of expensive presents that aren’t needed.

  3. AE Keller says:

    I think that we should stop buying each other expensive presents and donate to charities (read A Giving Guide).

  4. Mikyle says:

    I celebrated Christmas morning in 2008 in an airport in Washington DC

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