Game Review: Call of Duty 6

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Graphics: 9.0

Sure, we’ve all seen the “Modern Warfare” surroundings before, the sand filled deserts are nothing new, and Captain Price still looks as much like a redneck as the last game, but let’s be honest with ourselves. No more blocky shadows, water doesn’t look like silly putty, and we even get to see that Soap MacTavish looks like an inmate! We’re also introduced to some new surroundings like the Russian Base in Antarctica, the oil ridge in the Atlantic, and best of all a huge Spanish castle that holds some of the Task Forces best allies ever! So the graphics are high on the list, but still not as intense as Portal 2.

Game play: 7.9

Okay, nothing has really changed with the controls. The only things I can comment on are the new throwing knife…. It doesn’t work. But the good news is, the controls were not changed, so high ho! We can still enjoy the game without running into a wall like in Call of Duty 5 World at War! Looks like the gamers DO get listened to!

Story: 7.5

I have but three words to describe story mode. EPIC BUT SHORT. The least they could’ve done was making it as long as Cod: WaW. I mean seriously, I really would’ve liked to figure out what happened to that American soldier, Pvt. …. Uh, Whatshisname. See? Because of the shortened length of the game, I don’t care about the American Solders!!!  Kind of weird how they did the story like that, because I remember ALL of the names of the British Task Force. EVEN THE ONES WHO DIED IN THE FIRST HOUR!!! I mean, I think Infinity Ward needs to go ahead and sit in a corner for lack of structure in the story. And it’s not like they don’t have experience with it, I mean, this is CALL OF DUTY 6!!! They’ve been doing this a LONG TIME!! RAAAAGH! RAGEQUIT!!!…. Okay, maybe I’m getting over eccentric, the story is great, but in the end, I think they could’ve done better.

Online: 8.0

I’m pretty sure this is the main reason everyone wanted this game, the crown jewel the Infinity Ward is SO proud of, Modern Warfare Two, Online Multiplayer. My thoughts are. Eh, it’s okay. I’m just really not that into the multiplayer experience, and I have rightful reasons! For one, I grew up in an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER FREE GAMING WORLD. I have right of passage to say that it’s not the greatest thing since pudding, unlike SOME PEOPLE like my editor. The only reason I got on it was because of a friend whose name will remain unknown. AND the only reason I BECAME 3rd PRESTIEGE WAS BECAUSE OF AN AWESOME QUICKSCOPER NAMED JAMES HOLLAND!!! And that is also the guy who got me into multiplayer. I say its okay, but pudding is still better.

Final Verdict: 8.7

It’s a very well ported game, but at the same time, it’s so popular, some people even starve themselves while trying to get to that legendary tenth prestige. But in the end, the game is a win, just not an epic win. So I name this one of the best games so far, and our first review. This is James Whiten from Krueger middle school signing off!

Coming next week…

A game that will show you white is not just for tide commercials, and that waistbands aren’t just for gothic chicks.

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