Music Holds Special Place In Student Hearts

| October 26, 2010 | 2 Comments

Music NotesBy Alexandria Duran
KMSN Staff

Music is very important to a lot of different people for different reasons. People like music because it makes them happy and it is for most a lot of fun to be a part of. Additional reasons why students like music so much is the sounds they heard growing up, and those sounds mean a lot to them. Another reason may be that a certain sound was dedicated to them by someone else that is very special in their heart.
Those are just some of the reasons why people love music and always want it to be a part of their lives. Everyone has different and unique tastes in music.

“I like to listen to rap. My favorite song is Country Grammar by Nelly,” Shae Silva (7I) said. A lot of students like to listen to other types of music besides rap.

“My favorite type of music is country and my favorite song is Mine by Taylor Swift,” Valerie Spiegel (7K) said. People like a lot of different tunes but at Krueger, it’s safe to say that rap is the no.1 most liked style of music.

“My favorite song is Bottom’s Up by Trey Songz and rap is definitely my favorite music,” Justin Lee (8I) said.

Music has a lot to do with someone’s personality and how they feel about things. Even though music is so simple, it says a lot about people. That is why music is so important to us all.

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  1. AE Keller says:

    Country ROCKS!

  2. Aly Miranda says:

    True this!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading this and I can totally relate. Amazing job way to go!

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