Gridiron Heros Admit Nerves Before Kickoff

| October 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

By Esme Bugarin
KMS Campus News

Many fans have wondered how football players feel before the big game is about to start. Are they nervous one might ask or do they feel wonderful inside? Even the toughest and roughest guys with the most confidence on the field will be the first to admit that nerves can take over at any time.
“I have some butterflies in my stomach (when going out on the field for a game),” Diego Rivera (7K) said. “I find ways to control my nerves.” 

Like Rivera, 8th Grade football player Lorenzo Cantu has similar feelings just before the first play. “I do get nervous before a game, but I’m also excited to be playing out there,” Cantu said.

Games against rival teams can make the pre-game nerves even larger.
“I was nervous before the game against Ed White, but once I got on the field, I felt much better (and was ready to win).” Jonathan Trevino said.
In conclusion, hearing from football players, one will notice that there is always a little bit of nerves with bravery. Everyone can get nervous before doing something that means a lot to them like football or anything else.  It’s good to beat the anxiety by being yourself and expressing it in your unique way.

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