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| December 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Kathleen Calvillo
KMS Campus News

As one might expect, students at Krueger have a lot of opinions about how many times they should be allowed free dress. They love the chance to free dress once a week, but admit they would like much more time in their favorite clothes.

Free dress means to wear your normal clothes as opposed to school uniforms of yellow for sixth, white for seventh, and black for eighth graders. The freedom to free dress is given when students do positive things academically with their school work or other achievements. There are many positive reasons for having school uniforms such as no peer pressure to buy the latest and most expensive sneakers or clothes. However, some still wish to have their way of dress choice at least once or more a week. No surprise, the opinion among students was unanimous.
Michaela Stainthorpe, a seventh grader at Krueger would like to have free dress all week.
“I think we should have it all week because it shows off our inner being and free dress is more comfortable,” Stainthorpel said.

Ronnie Dooley, also a seventh grader, believes that increased choice in what to wear is a great thing.
“It shows how people really are when they where what they want to,” Dooley said. For students all over campus, freedom of expression is important and that’s why they love opportunities given by the campus administrators to free dress.

“I’m all for all week because it’s better then uniforms and everyone wearing the same thing. It shows what kind of style you like (as an individual),” Danielle  Munoz (7M) said.

In conclusion, most students would rather have free dress although teachers and administrators for the most part think that school uniforms are a good thing and need to stay in place for various positive reasons including student safety.

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  1. Kiki♥ says:

    Wow, first thing i said to this article was, “this is well written, who did this?” and had to scroll up to see the writer. Good job ♥ Kathleen: )

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