Halloween Has Different Meanings For Students

| October 27, 2010 | 2 Comments

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Recently, students were polled about how they feel about Halloween. Some students look forward to the day stating that it’s all about collecting candy, dressing up, and having fun with friends, while others only see the negatives often associated with October’s most notorious day.

Some experts claim the tradition of Halloween dates back to the year 834, and was known originally as All Hollow’s Eve. Despite, it’s appeal to so many generations of people, the controversy surrounding it remains. Eighth grader Ryan Dalgleish gets excited knowing that free treats are a guarantee this time of year.  “Yes, I think Halloween is good because you get free candy and have a little fun,” Dalgleish said.

Horror movies such as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street have become linked with the gholish day in which trick-or-treaters attempt to strike a little fear in unsuspecting people. “No, I think Halloween is bad because little kids get scared and they’re going to have nightmares,” Eduardo Gurrola (8I) said.

Some students see the social value in trick-or-treating. “Yes, I like Halloween because it’s a good way to meet new people,” Jose Guerrero (8I) said.

While other students remain unsure if they want any part of the festivities claiming the holiday mocks certain religious practices. “No, I think Halloween to some people is about celebrating the devil. I do think the trick or treat part of Halloween is okay though,” Abigail Robin (8I) said.

Then, there’s other students who just see Halloween as a giant waste of time.
“Halloween to me is boring and there is nothing really to do,” Q. Laracuente (7K) said.

Some students beleive Halloween is alright to celebrate as long as common sense is used in finding candy. “Yes, as long as you’re safe on Halloween it can be fun,” Lauren Szymanski (6K) said.

Seventh graders Bekah Ornelas and Chris Van Meter have differing views much like many students on the true value of Halloween. “No, I don’t like Halloween because you’re celebrating a Pagan holiday,” Ornelas said.

Even with the religious arguments given by some members of the community, Van Meter seems content with the idea of celebrating Halloween.
“Yes, to me, Halloween is a very fun and cool holiday,” Van Meter said.


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  1. joerobert says:

    there truly is a war about halloween
    a 4-way war perhaps
    candy cravers, religious defenders, haters and everyone else

  2. Ashley O. 7i says:

    I think Halloween is fun but some people can go WAY over the top! I was at a SPIRIT Halloween store and there was just in thing that was so freaky! (shiver) I hate just thinking about it!

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