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When the bell rang I headed to my locker. In the crowded halls 8th graders ran causing the younger students to drop their school supplies. I saw kids running to catch their flying papers, chasing after their run away binders, and getting their kicked pens. There is no way they can get to their first period in only 5 minutes.

In the mornings the bell rings at 8:15 and kids are leaving to go through the crowded halls, cramped locker areas, and classroom obstacles. The 7k students have to walk through those crowded halls downstairs and fight to get to their lockers, then having to go through the rough 8th grade halls, finally getting out to their portable. The 8th graders have to hurry our way to our classes because the traffic jams trying to get out the gym. 6k has to go from the auditorium to the portables behind the school, going around the school, or through the treacherous 8th grade halls.  In the mornings we should have a way to get passed all these obstacles. Maybe letting people into the main building earlier, letting 6th grade go earlier, then 7th, and then 8th. We just have to get more time, people are also wandering around aimlessly outside the school, just waiting for the bell to ring. Sometimes kids try to get to school early just so that they can  get through the halls. Teacher’s have an advantage too, they don’t have to stay longer for morning duties. Until any new changes, be safe in the halls and try not to get in any trouble with students, teachers, or being tardy.

~Jordyn and Skylar

Crowded Hallway

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