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From the beginning of the day to the very last bell, many people come to Krueger to make a school environment possible. It’s not just the teachers and the A.Ps there are also the secretaries, counselors, lunch staff, janitors, librarians, and much more. You may interact with just teachers throughout the day, but there are much more people that make school a good environment.    

           The adults in the attendance office have a big responsibility in this school. They have to monitor who comes in and out of this building. They must check IDs to ensure that they aren’t letting anyone so shady into our school. The lunch staff also helps in this big school of ours. They make our breakfasts and lunches. They are cooking most of the day to give us our nutrition to focus and study hard in school.  Without them most kids wouldn’t survive a minute in P.E, or win the battle of staying awake in class. Janitors are needed to be thanked also. They wake up before the break of dawn to prepare the school, and stay for long hours after we leave to clean our mess. Janitors don’t only make sure we have sanitary bathrooms, they keep us out of the nurse’s office by cleaning spills and leaks. Another person we need to thank is our school nurses, they keep us healthy and stop our germs from spreading around the school. When we fall, have sick tummy’s, our need our inhaler their there for us.
           Without theses people school would be an insane asylum. So the next time you see some of these people, or any staff say thanks or give a smile.

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