District Champs

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District Champs…
Krueger Volleyball Coaches haven’t been able to say those two amazing words for thirty years. This year the 8th grade ‘A’ team has created history, for the first time in thirty years we have won district champs.  The season started out not so great, but it didn’t matter they were  the non-conference games, so we learned from our mistakes and became undefeated in conference. We were doing great this season. For the tournaments they placed us in the big school district, we didn’t win anything, but at least it gave us a little challenge.
At our last game the bleachers were filled, we had to ask people to scoot closer towards the ends. Everyone was there to support us. B team set the mood by their first win of the season. Though the mood quickly changed as soon as we ran through the banner. We knew things had to get serious. We were about to play Garner. We didn’t know their record, but it didn’t matter because losing wasn’t an option. The first game went by quickly, 25-11, so on the next set we loosened up and had fun with it. At the last point everyone in the bleachers stood. As the ball hit the ground on the other side the gym was filled with cheers. We immediately ran to our coach who had tears in her eyes. She awarded us our medals and we gave her a signed volleyball. Everyone sobbed as we left the gym, that would be our last volleyball game at Krueger and we knew everyone would remember that night.

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